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Shop Scragglepop Flavors! Find scrumptious flavors like our original kettle corn, Spicy Buffalo, OREO cookies and cream, and more! All flavors (except OREO) are Gluten-Free*, have Zero trans-fat, and uses no peanut oil!

This is the easiest way to shop for our products! First, Pick a few flavors you have been ogling, decide between a regular and large, fill out the checkout page, and get it sent to your doorstep!

Our kettle corn is a fun gift for you or your family! A large is perfect to share among the family but, don’t expect it to last too long!

The locals in Huntington, WV call our kettle corn “scragglecrack” and for good reason.  You’ll also love our Scragglepop flavors. Try it today with fast shipping from us to your doorstep!

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