Kettlecorn Fundraiser

Looking to fundraise? Try Scragglepop Kettlecorn today!
Kettle corn is a nutritious and gluten-free snack, with no peanut oil used during cooking.

With 40% profit margin and free delivery for orders within 25 miles of Huntington, WV; you collect the order forms from customers who return them in person or by mail after which we process their payment before sending out your delicious kettle pop popcorn sooner than later.

Assorted Scragglepop Kettlecorn bags


Our fundraiser includes these products:

Small -- Original $4

Small -- Flavors $5

Medium --Original $6

Medium -- Flavors $7

Large -- Original $10

Large -- Flavors $11

A Great Product Needs a Great Story

Scragglepop® Kettlecorn was founded in Huntington, WV in the summer of 2008. The Scraggs wanted to make a product that was fresh and sweetly addictive. First they were seen at local festivals, then soon the business began to grow and they found themselves in high demand among Huntington natives. In 2010, Scragglepop® became the official kettle corn of Marshall University. The tents were soon mainstays at all Marshall football and basketball games.

Within a couple of months, Big Sandy Superstore Arena and Pullman Square were added to the itinerary as regular events. In 2012, Scragglepop® was featured in the Herald-Dispatch Business section as one of the up and coming prominent businesses in the region. Production demands increased beyond just bags sold at festivals and other events. Soon Scragglepop® was being made available by delivery and came available in specialty tins. Tin production increased substantially during Christmas time to many hospitals, law offices, and schools. During the expansion, the company also found the need to expand ownership and leaders. Soon a partnership was formed with the West family to provide management and leadership. From that point, the families embarked on many new endeavors including wholesale, fund-raising, multiple franchising units, and rebranding with a fresh, new look.

One thing rings true with every bag or tin…. You just can’t stop, once you try Scragglepop®!

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